Air Conditioning Service in Apple Valley

Since 1990, AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service has been a proud part of the Apple Valley community. Every day since we opened, we’ve worked tirelessly to earn the loyalty and trust of our fellow Apple Valley residents. Because our devoted clients love to refer their friends and family to our locally-owned and operated, dependable, and reputable business, new customers typically come to us for our reliability and expertise. Because we are insured, bonded, and licensed, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a knowledgeable and dependable heating and air conditioning company. When you do business with us, you’ll get a professional contractor with the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job correctly from the start. From our office personnel to our HVAC technicians, each staff member you meet will be equally professional, friendly, and honest. We provide a 100% customer service guarantee because we always stand behind our work. Your business or home will always be in the best hands when you choose AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service.


Air Conditioning Services

It’s crucial to choose an AC contractor who conducts business the way you deserve: reasonably, honestly, and consistently. Whether you need help with your existing air conditioner or it’s time for a new one, our experts are well-versed in all facets of air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. With our comprehensive AC service offering, we’re ready to tackle any cooling service you might need.

We Offer:

Air Conditioning System Installation

When purchasing a new air conditioner, it’s essential that you choose a trustworthy HVAC company to properly install and care for your new unit. Whether you need a new construction installation or to replace an existing AC unit, we have the skills to do the job quickly and correctly. You can put your hard-earned investments in our experienced hands with confidence.

Air Conditioner Replacement

We understand that air conditioner replacement is expensive, and we are honored when our customers trust us to complete their Apple Valley AC replacement. Our valued customers know they can trust us to be diligent in our work, honest about everything you need to get your home comfortable and cool again, and up-front with pricing. As a seasoned AC company, we are aware of how upsetting it may be to learn that your air conditioner has to be replaced. After all, it’s a costly expenditure that the majority of people don’t anticipate. When you’re in this situation, the last thing you need is to deal with a company that doesn’t respect your money and time. We value your trust and will always explore all alternatives before suggesting an expensive replacement.

Freon Leak Services

When your air conditioner is leaking freon, you’ll probably notice a reduction in cooling efficiency, or your system might start blowing warm air. A freon leak can be temporarily fixed by “charging” the system with more refrigerant, but the unpleasant symptoms could soon return. Your home cooling contractor will immediately ascertain whether you have a freon leak when you call AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service. If your technician finds a leak, we’ll be happy to discuss all your options with you. Leaks can occasionally be quickly fixed with a new component. Often, though, leaks are a good indication that it’s time to replace your system. We always provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision, and we promise to make the agreed-upon repairs on schedule.

Air Conditioner Repairs

The air conditioners of today are complicated systems with numerous functional components. In addition to their electrical parts, sophisticated wiring, and other elements, there are several models and brands available that have their own special features. Our HVAC company is adept at analyzing any issues and offering you repair choices, because we are very familiar with every type of air conditioner and all the characteristics they may have. We’ll never suggest a fix you don’t need, and we’ll always get the work done quickly and expertly. Call us right away to discuss your Apple Valley AC repair!

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Services

For a variety of reasons, air conditioner tune-ups are a good idea. First off, by keeping your AC system in good shape, you could easily prolong its lifespan. Additionally, it might help you maintain a stable temperature in your house. By improving the efficiency of your system, you can lessen the amount of future repairs your system will need and lower your energy bills. Contact our Apple Valley AC company to set up routine tune-ups so you can keep your house comfortably cool and save money, too!

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

When purchasing a new air conditioner, you’ll want to select an HVAC company you can rely on to properly install and care for the unit. Whether you need to replace an existing AC unit or you’re ready to install a system in your newly-constructed home, we have the skills to do the job quickly and correctly. Whenever you’re ready, our capable and knowledgeable technicians will be there to help.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

When looking for an air conditioning contractor to service your business, look for a company that has extensive expertise in various commercial systems. We have the expertise to correctly evaluate, repair, and install whatever your system requires at AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service. You’ve discovered the ideal HVAC contractor to keep your company comfy and cool, whether your system breaks down at the worst possible time or you simply want to talk to us about a maintenance routine to keep your business properly cooled throughout the year.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

Not only are thermostats growing more technologically advanced, but they are also becoming more efficient. Perhaps you’ve been putting off the change because you’re afraid that a new “smart” thermostat would be too difficult to understand and use. Our skilled Apple Valley air conditioning company professionals will not only expertly install your new thermostat, but they will also show you how to operate it. Call us now to start enjoying all the benefits of a programmable thermostat, such as cost efficiency and energy bill reduction.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services

It’s never a good time for your air conditioner to go down, but it always seems to happen on the warmest day of the year – and probably on a weekend, too. Don’t sweat it (literally!) and contact AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service! No matter what time you call, our cooling company is ready to take your call. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and perform your emergency HVAC service quickly. It is never an inconvenience to assist our valued customers.

Condenser Replacement

When it comes to air conditioning trouble, condensers are frequently to blame. If the condenser fails to work correctly (or at all), your air conditioner will suffer as well. If your condenser has to be changed, AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service will complete the task swiftly and efficiently.

Heating Services

Those cool summer nights in California are one of the many perks of living in our wonderful state. But those evenings might get very chilly in the winter. It can be very difficult to feel comfortable without a functional heater. Having a dependable local heating company to call if your heater isn’t performing as it should is crucial. You can rely on us to restore the warm and inviting atmosphere you enjoy in your house, because our dependable furnace service takes care of any issues you might have.

We offer:

Heater Repairs

Call a Apple Valley heating contractor who puts you first when your heater is giving you problems. Apple Valley heater repair is one of our specialties at AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, and we’re here whenever you need us. To hone in on the problem, our brilliant heater service professionals put your system through some diagnostic tests. They will tell you about all your options and help you decide which repairs make the most sense for your budget and you. With your approval, we’ll execute all of the repairs required to get you back to enjoying and living life.

New Heater Installation

A new heater is a crucial investment, whether you are in the middle of a house build, upgrading your home, or your existing heater has quit suddenly. When you hire AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, you can put your trust in a dependable heating contractor. Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced with many types of heaters and can assist you in selecting the one that is ideal for you, your house, your budget, and your lifestyle. Once you’ve decided to proceed with the installation, they’ll complete your service quickly and professionally.

Heater Tune-Up Services

Regular heater tune-ups are critical for preserving the performance of your heater and prolonging its lifespan. AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, your go-to local heater company, is happy to schedule routine maintenance to preserve your system and ensure you have a comfortable winter.

Heating System Replacement

You depend on your heater for many years to provide you with warm, comfortable temperatures and keep you warm, even during the coldest months. Finding a heater contractor you can trust to treat your new equipment with care and replace your unit effectively is critical when your heater approaches the end of its lifespan. After all, new heaters are an investment – and they’re typically an unexpected expense, too. AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service employees value you, your home, and your possessions. Every job is handled with care and attention, and we work as swiftly as possible to free you up to go about your busy day.

Emergency Heating Services

Heaters frequently break down at the most inconvenient times. Don’t worry – our Apple Valley heating services are accessible around-the-clock to identify and fix any heater issues. Weekends, holidays, and emergency situations in the middle of the night are no match for our qualified professionals. In no time, we’ll have you operating normally again.

Commercial Heating Services

Both your staff and your clients depend on you to keep your business at a suitable temperature. A pleasant setting allows patrons, clients, or customers to unwind, enjoy their time, and most of course, spend their money! A climate-controlled workplace helps staff be more productive. Our heating service menu includes all types of commercial heating systems. Our skilled experts excel at every part of heater repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are more than just a contemporary convenience – they also increase system efficiency and help you save money on energy costs. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting a thermostat that can handle all of the tasks that your hectic lifestyle necessitates. Next, we will promptly and expertly install your thermostat. Before we head out, we’ll show you how to make the most of your new equipment. Even our most technologically challenged customers have reaped the rewards of our excellent thermostat installation service!

Furnace System Installation

When it comes time for a new furnace, it’s also time to choose a furnace contractor that values you and understands that your budget and time are important. Our knowledgeable furnace company is well-versed in furnace systems of every model and make, and we feel that makes us the best choice for all of your installation requirements. Our specialists install your new equipment in a professional and timely way. All you’ll have to do is relax and enjoy the warmth!

Furnace Services

Furnaces exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of potential problems and solutions. Our Apple Valley furnace repair professionals are skilled in troubleshooting and repairing many types of furnace problems, including oil, gas, electric, and gravity furnaces. Each type of furnace demands a unique strategy. Our Apple Valley gravity furnace repair procedures are much different from those used to service a modern electric furnace. If we find that you need furnace replacement, we will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to make the best selection with your new unit. Our Apple Valley gravity furnace replacement and repair services are comprehensive, so we can tackle any unforeseen difficulties you may have.


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