Appliance Repair in Oak Hills

AC Appliance has been proud to serve the incomparable Oak Hills community since 1990. For decades, we have worked hard to earn and maintain the trust and support of our neighbors in Oak Hills. Our locally-owned and operated business is renowned for its dependability and excellent reputation, which is why our devoted clients often refer their friends and family to us. Anthony, the founder and owner of AC Appliance, is deeply involved in the business and is dedicated to giving every client the same superior level of service.

Since our air conditioning, heating, and appliance repair company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, you can be confident that you’ve found a dependable and seasoned service provider. When you trust us with all your appliance repair and HVAC needs, you know you’ll get an expert contractor with the skills and aptitude to do the job right each and every time.

Our dedication to providing great customer service is clear when you interact with our seasoned technicians or our courteous and honest office staff. Proudly and confidently, we back our work with a 100% customer service guarantee because we know our pros are the best of the best. Whether for your house or business, AC Appliance will consistently provide exceptional customer service. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Appliance Repair Services

We depend on numerous appliances to meet our everyday needs and keep our modern homes comfortable – but each appliance is unpredictable in its own way. These precious products could fail at any time, leaving you looking for a dependable and prompt solution. That’s why having a trusted, go-to appliance repair contractor in mind is critical. Maintain the smooth operation of your household while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with delegating your appliance troubles to a seasoned professional!

Whether you have a difficult dishwasher, a wayward washing machine, or a finicky fridge, AC Appliance is your faithful ally in keeping all your daily routines running smoothly. Our adept technicians deliver lasting repairs and unrivaled customer care – two of the attributes that make us unlike anyone else in the industry. Our low cost appliance repair services are intended to save you money while also meeting your requirements.

Kitchen Appliances


Your time is invaluable, and that’s why your trusty dishwasher is an integral part of your everyday kitchen routine. When you’re faced with dishwasher problems, rely on our dependable dishwasher repair service to handle any issue in a hurry. Thanks to your appliance repair contractor, you’ll be savoring the convenience of a flawlessly functioning appliance again before you know it.

Reach out today if your dishwasher:

Doesn’t run or doesn’t finish a cycle

Is leaving dishes dirty

Suddenly has condensation

Is leaking water

Isn’t dispensing soap

Trash Compactor

A useful trash compactor will improve the cleanliness and efficiency of your kitchen. If you have any problems with your garbage compactor, the best plan of action is to contact AC Appliance for professional trash compactor repair. e’ll troubleshoot the unit in a hurry and get it repaired in a jiffy, so you won’t have to live without your convenient, eco-friendly appliance or let your garbage pile up.

If your trash compactor has any of the following issues, give us a call:

System refuses to turn on

Stuck panel

Smelly or noisy unit

Vent Hood

Vent hoods play a crucial role in keeping your kitchen clear of odors and smoke. Keeping your vent hood in peak functioning order is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. We’ll keep your vent hood in great shape when you call AC Appliance for Oak Hills appliance repair near you. You won’t have to worry about airborne pollutants or residual odors while you’re spending time in the kitchen.

You’ll want to consider calling us for vent hood repair if you’re experiencing:

Moisture accumulation

Inefficient performance

Fan turning on by itself

Light, fan, or entire range hood won’t turn off or on

Odd noises


If your oven starts failing and interrupts your kitchen tasks, you should reach out to your local appliance repair service in Oak Hills. When you call us for oven repair service, a skilled technician will get to work diagnosing and resolving any issues. With our efficient, honest, and competent appliance repair service, your kitchen will be back up and running before you know it.

Call us if your oven is showing signs of a problem, including:

Strange noises

Failure to turn off or on

Inoperable controls

Broken or cracked door

Issues with closing the door

Gas or other odors

Electrical issues

Undercooked or overcooked food

Longer preheating

Failure to heat properly

Wine Cooler

When you learn the secrets of optimal wine serving and storing temperatures, your appreciation for the beloved beverage will skyrocket. AC Appliance’s professional wine cooler repair will allow you to fully appreciate each sip of your favorite vintage, and you can be confident that it will be perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy when the urge arises.

Common signs of a wine cooler problem include:

Not maintaining temperature

Issues with turning the unit on

Malfunctioning controls or buttons

Water leaks

Excess condensation


Maintaining a consistently optimal refrigerator temperature is non-negotiable because it’s essential to safeguard against bacterial growth and spoilage. Give AC Appliance a call for professional refrigerator repair when a faulty fridge puts your groceries or your health in danger. Our staff is ready to help you with any hurdles you might be facing, so you can be certain that your kitchen remains a haven for fresh and flavorful foods.

If your fridge has any of the following problems, contact us for a Oak Hills appliance repair service call:

Buzzing or other loud noises

Inefficient food cooling

Noticeable heat coming from the back side

Motor never shuts off

Excessive frost in the freezer


Cooktop or Stovetop

As the epicenter of your household, an optimally operating kitchen is of utmost importance. Our comprehensive stovetop repair service and cooktop repair service is all-inclusive, so it’s tailored to address any hiccups that threaten the efficiency and enjoyment of your kitchen. If it’s time to reclaim the full function of your stove, give us a call for appliance repair service so you can get back to savoring the joys of cooking.

Some of the common signs of cooktop or stovetop problems include:

Inconsistent temperature regulation

Broken or cracked cooktop

Broken or malfunctioning controls

Problems turning off or on


Freezers are essential for sustaining the quality of your food over time. They aid frozen products in preserving their taste, nutritional content, and texture. When you find yourself needing freezer repair, you’ll need to research local appliance repair companies so you can determine which one has an impressive track record and decades of expertise. Our pros will ensure that your food remains perfectly frozen and ready to delight your taste buds.

Call us for freezer repair service if your freezer:

Is abnormally warm

Develops a sheet of ice on the bottom after repeated efforts to remove ice

Suddenly won’t turn on

Is making excessive noise

Frosts over excessively


Microwaves are so popular because they’re incredibly convenient. When an issue surfaces and microwave repair becomes necessary, you’ll likely realize the value of the convenience this compact appliance provides. Don’t let a finicky microwave slow you down – trust in the expertise of our local appliance repair service to return efficiency and speed to your kitchen.

Ask about our microwave repair service if:

Your buttons aren’t working

The turntable isn’t rotating

The microwave is making strange sounds

An electrical odor arises

You can’t turn your microwave off or on

Laundry Room Appliances


Banish your laundry woes and embrace hassle-free washing experiences! Ensure seamless operation of your washer and immaculate freshness of your clothing by quickly addressing problems as they arise. With our washer repair service just a call away, you can effortlessly resolve your washing machine repair needs and enjoy the convenience of a flawlessly functioning appliance.

Give us a call if you notice:

Your clothes aren’t smelling or looking clean

Thumping, squeaking, or grinding sounds

Water is sitting in the drum

Your machine starts and stops

Your washer is doing something unusual and new

An error code

The drum isn’t filling with water

Your spin cycle isn’t spinning


There’s nothing more important than keeping your family and your home safe, and that’s why it’s so important to keep your dryer working properly and to avoid overheating. Overheating not only causes clothing damage, but it can also lead to a fire. With our Oak Hills appliance repair company at your service, you can be certain that your dryer repair needs will be expertly handled.

Call us for dryer repair service if you’re experiencing:

Unusual noises

The dryer drum isn’t spinning

A burning smell

Noticeably longer dry times

Inefficient drying

The dryer runs momentarily, then shuts off

Call AC Appliance at (760) 951-8322 for all your appliance repair needs!